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Business philosophy

The foundation of the enterprise is rooted in the mountain people, and the team emotion is attached to the tea farmers

Development philosophy

Be rooted in Lincang, be committed to poverty alleviation, carry on the tradition, get driven by science and technology, have global vision

Service concept

Credit, quality, characteristics

Core values

To be respected and needed

Corporate vision

To make tea for the world


Lincang Tianxia Chadu Tea industry Group Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise registered in Linxiang District, Lincang City. The company originated from Yunnan Yuyuanxiang Tea Culture Communication Co., Ltd. registered on March 24, 2016. After its registration, the company started to build Nanmei Pojiao Tea Plantation in April of that year, and conducted trial production of autumn tea in October of that year; in view of the company’s construction speed and operation situation, in December 2016, the district committee and district people’s government arranged to jointly build Zhangzhen Tea Factory supported by the Bank of China Yunnan Branch; since 2017, combining the local resource advantages and the objective needs of industrial poverty alleviation, Weiping Tea Factory, Nahan Tea Factory, Nannuo Tea Factory, Yongping Tea Factory, Duoyi Tea Factory, Mingzi Tea Factory, Manqi Tea Factory, Mayidui Tea Factory and Manqi Breeding Farm have been built successively ...



So far, the opinions about the origin of “the history of Chinese tea” vary, some think that its origin is in the pre-Qin period and the Western Han Dynasty, while some think that its origin is in the period of Three Kingdoms. Tea appeared in the cultural style after the two Tang dynasties. China’s “tea ceremony” enjoyed great popularity. In the Song Dynasty, it inherited the custom of drinking tea, thus drinking tea became more and more popular. Chinese tea art is a kind of culture. On the basis of the Han culture, tea art has widely absorbed and learned from its art form, and extended to literature, art and other fields, forming the Han tea culture with strong national characteristics.


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I began to work in August 1955, and was assigned to Lincang Tea Branch Company
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